Follies may keep you alive


Do you think the journey of life could be abbreviated into both moments of birth and death?

In fact, both are the least important moments of life, your birth is not an achievement and your death is not the end of the universe, yet the period between those two moments is the most important, it’s the journal you fill in with your own handwriting, with your own free will and you are the only one who decides its events.

Each morning you witness is a new opportunity to accuse you of madness and a suitable day to commit foolishness to be added to the list of your follies.

I know a man whose foolishness drove him to stand on the high altitude of Rusafa, Cordoba, after he made himself two silky wings, threw himself off while hitting the air with his wings, to become the first man to fly. His madness has led to one of humankind’s greatest inventions, his foolishness drove us from one continent to another within hours.

I read about a man who was led by predestination to stand against the German, Sepp Mayer, world champions’ goalkeeper, one of the best goalkeepers of the time – if not the best of them – to play the last penalty kick for his country, Czechoslovakia.

Since scoring through Mayer is more difficult than everyone imagines, even from the penalty mark, Panenka decided to kick the ball in the easiest way from his point of view and the most crazy, complicated and foolish way from the point of view of the rest, he struck the ball into the middle of the goal with an average height, an unaccounted adventure that ended the scene with Antonin Panenka running like a madman celebrating his great foolishness and Mayer chasing the ball only by sight because his hand was way far from the ball, a scene that never ends and a story that have no last page, Panenka’s name is still mentioned after every penalty kick played the same way, after nearly half a century.

A calculated adventure is not an adventure. While follies make history sometimes, give importance to your date of birth and prevent death from erasing your memory.

Follies may keep you alive even after your death.

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