Nothing is left for you

Have you had enough of kicking and beating walls?

It’s funny you are still convinced that kicking is the solution, that it is your outlet for unloading the anger energy that accompanies you since day one since you were that little kid who cursed all the qualities that he is now.

Let me tell you that this anger has never separated you, it’s been your friend through all stages of your life, it was young when you were a child, it reached climax in your youth and gained its strength from the young man who thought he knew everything and achieved each dream, and now it’s as weak as you are, the road wore him down so he went back here with you, fancies himself of renewing the vow, that this ball is the elixir of youth, by kicking it, life will return to what it was, or rather, to what he thought it was.

Now, your disbelief in that anger will not change anything, every surviving opportunity that you refused to seize will chase you even if you’re the wisest among your age, even if you were Socrates himself, you would prefer the exile rather than poison, thinking that there is another chance in exile, until you discover, after searching, that nothing is left for you.

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